2 MPG "Before" - - 5.31 MPG AFTER

We have attained an entirely new level of diesel commercial vehicle fuel economy gains ever realized with just one bolt-on modification!!

This progressive and intelligently engineered product will revolutionize the "Green Movement" to a level never thought could be attained!!!


This product will enhance absolute range by making your hybrid / Pure Electric truck "slip" through the air with the ease of an Eagle. Less pedal pushed for same speed equals enhanced range!

A Progressive Scientific Research and Design Studio
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A Community-Driven Company


The above pictures illustrate several key aspects of the Turbinique Wind Engine:

1. The wind actually blows at night! While from a massive commercial wind farm aspect wind at night does little for the electric grid due to power demands plummet at night, however, on a personal level the wind blowing at night means you can entertain guests, watch tv on a very big screen, wash and dry clothes, and make your favorite espresso hot drink. This is where the Turbinique shines bright. It allows you to apply both solar and wind to free yourself from any grid. This cannot be understated.

2. Aesthetically unparalleled and without equal. The Turbinique Wind Engine can be ordered in your taste. The wind vane can be of any design, and shape. The metal skinning can be of your choice as it is not structural. You want copper sheet? OK. You want the turbine blades chromed? OK.

3. The final test prototype pictured here was erected only 8 feet from the surface of the ground where on the Taos Plateau abundant wind prevails. This prototype was intentionally weakened and made to be off-balance in order to accelerate any possible failure modes. The testing is complete and the design is deemed SAFE and ready to enter mass-production.

The above pictures illustrate several key aspects of the Patent Pending "Aero-Maxx'd" Bolt-On Aerodynamic Retro-Fit Aid:

This simple design has been fully road-proof tested and the results are astonishing. This design deletes the harmful affects of aerodynamic drag to a very high extent. The test vehicle now has amassed over 6000 miles of testing with an aggregate fuel economy imrpovement of 91% over a non-modified trailer.

This design is now being finalized with assistance from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the production-conforming article for very large diesel commercial vehicles is imminent.

The Patent Pending GDR-1

The GDR-1 is the next generation liquid fueled rocket engine. This engine will provide the motive power for advanced space vehicles both scientific and exploration / mining. This engine is REQUIRED  for the next evolutionary jump in space science. 

This engine allows extremely tight thrust controls via two separate mechanisms to control thrust from 1 to 100% via full thottleability.

The example shown is a fully fuctional test article of which the data gleaned through testing thus far is directing the next and quite possibly final design. This engine will allow simple "point-and-go" vehicle manueverability without the need to calculate burn times vs thrust. Essentially we are bringing "Star Trek" technology to an actual commercial level.