Brought to you by:

A Scientific Research and Design Studio

A Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Enterprise

Bringing Important Green Technology Manufacturing
to the New Mexico Frontier Lands

Introducing the AERO-MAXX'D !!! (Patent Pending)


Thirty Three TRILLION Gallons of Diesel
No Longer Burned for Combustion just in the lower 48 States ALONE...
THIS is THE single largest step of a singular product ever taken to combat fossil fuel use and harmful emission reduction on a global scale...

The diesel commercial version will very soon be unveiled.

Versions will be manufactured for all diesel commercial vehicle types.

We have made major in-roads into fast-track development.

We will be offering in-house financing for the owner/operator.

Intellectual Property is SECURED.
Patents are Pending

We are preparing for 6 manufacturing / installation centers to be dispersed around New Mexico with the Southern portions allocated for both US and Central / South America manufacturing and deliveries.

We are preparing for our future IPO.
GDR LLC has more than 14 "Green-Centric" & Space Vehicle products in addition to Aero-Maxx'D which all will be
spring-boarded by this first offering.
Date TBD

This product is supported by the following entities:
The New Mexico Small Business Development Center, U of NM, Taos Branch
The New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership
The New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program
The Los Alamos National Laboratory