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Introducing the AERO-MAXX'D !!!

Combo Aero-Enhancer / Safety / Work / Play Fairing
(Patent Pending !!!)

This Invention Has Increased My Aggregate Fuel Efficiency 100% !!!
Before MPG AVG = 7.67 / After MPG AVG = 15.22 !!!

And Can Be Produced For ANY Vehicle or Trailer !!!

O.T.R. Cargo Transportation I Can Increase Your Bottom Line By Saving You Fuel Consumption !!!

Monolithic Fairing Closed

Monolithic Fairing Open

I made this fairing for my personal benefit as a start. I drive thousands of miles for long periods at a time and my fuel efficiency (lack thereof) was killing me financially.

So I leveraged my decades of aero-space knowledge, training, and experience coupled with my intimate knowledge of space vehicles and the aerodynamics which go into designing those vehicles and I made THIS HAPPEN !!!

My background is heavy involvement with both military and civilian light aircraft, helicopters, jets AND civilian space vehicles (rockets and capsules / satellite delivery platforms). I have increased my aggregate fuel efficiency about 100% by negating the detrimental effects of aerodynamic drag. No more buffeting. No more drag induced sway effect. No more need to stay "on-the-gas" when going down-hill.

This fairing is paying for itself in only the first hundred miles for ME !!!

Testing Criteria - As Of March 10 2019

Test Vehicle:
2001 Dodge Durango 4.7L 2WD
Mileage: 241,359

Test Trailer:
Deep South 6X12SA Extended Roof V-Nose
Weight as Tested: 2977 Pounds (2990 Gross)

Altitudes During Tests:
4506 Feet MSL (Reno, NV) to 9820 Feet MSL  (Bobcat Pass, NM)

Fuel Mileage Before Fairing Addition: Taos, NM to Reno, NV (R/T)
2652 Miles @ AVG 7.67 MPG:
Nearly ALL Interstate /  Highway (95%)

Fuel Mileage After Fairing Modification: Taos, Colfax, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe Counties;

1154 Miles @ Aggregate AVG 15.22 MPG:
Mix of Interstate, Highway, Back Roads, & City Streets (From here to yonder)

Test Vehicle Stats:

Unladen Fuel Mileage: ~20.75 MPG

W/Trailer-No Fairing: ~ 7.65 MPG

W/Trailer-W/Fairing: ~ 15.1 MPG

This design incorporates complex and exacting curves and angles based in aerospace dictum to take full advantage of large volume / low velocity airflow, which works to reduce to a very high extent the detrimental effects of aerodynamic drag.

It WORKS !!!  I KNOW  Because I am actually using it !!!

GO GREENER !!!                                      Use LESS Fuel !!!                                 Pollute the planet LESS !!!

Available for licensing !!! 
Latest Test: March 16th 2019

I have numerous designs under Patent Pending status which can be manufactured for ANY vehicle or trailer with ease of use and functionality designed-in. 

I have Monolithic, Bifurcated, and Roll-Up designs to make your
work / play / financial life better !!!

(And it is good for the planet too by helping you pollute LESS by using less fuel....just saying...)

O.T.R. operators (Dry box, Short Haul Delivery, etc) I have a design JUST FOR YOU which will enable ease of use with loading / unloading and save you massive amounts of fuel use and is fully compatible with docks and will not interfere with docks!!!

Money NOT spent is PROFIT !!!

Contact me TODAY !!!

Latest road-test proving of the AERO-MAXX'D Aerodynamic Bolt-On Aid:

This trip was with my fully loaded to near-gross weight trailer and my 2001 Dodge Durango 4.7L 2WD vehicle.

Altitudes varied from 7100 feet to more than 8100 feet during test.

Results: MPG for this trip = 16.75 MPG vs. 7.28 MPG without Show-Stopper.

These tests I am conducting are verifiable and proven.