2 MPG "Before" - - 5.31 MPG AFTER

We have attained an entirely new level of diesel commercial vehicle fuel economy gains ever realized with just one bolt-on modification!!

This progressive and intelligently engineered product will revolutionize the "Green Movement" to a level never thought could be attained!!!


This product will enhance absolute range by making your hybrid / Pure Electric truck "slip" through the air with the ease of an Eagle. Less pedal pushed for same speed equals enhanced range!

A Progressive Scientific Research and Design Studio
- AND -

A Community-Driven Company

Introducing the MOST PROLIFIC Fossil Fuel Reducer Product EVER:+3.31 MPG
The AERO-MAXX'D !!! (Patent Pending)
More than 100 designs to cover every possible configuration of vehicle / trailer

This Singular Product Eclipses ALL Fossil Fuel Green Tech Initiatives....EVER....


Expands after door latching to create an aviation-derived tail-cone of extremely high aerodynamic efficiency.

Meets all requirements of U.S. DOT Regulations concerning aerodynamic devices!!!

Investment-grade steel super structure and 50+ year life  Dacron covering -or- will supply your covering of choice to include colors and logos!!!

Test results validated a return on investment of 100K miles driven of about 9-12 months with next 30+ years of use providing exceptional returns on investment!!!

Complements electric semi-rigs as aerodynamics does not care what powers the tractor - Whether fuel or electric powered, enhanced aerodynamics enhances absolute range per tank / charge!!!

Folds to 5" flat for unimpeded docking at any terminal

  The Aero-Maxx'D was on-road tested numerous times for scientific validity in REAL-WORLD operating conditions on a 204 mile specific route categorized as "austere" conditions in N.E. New Mexico under both high and variable elevations in order to replicate what you and/or your drivers will actually encounter.

Structurally  investigated by the Los Alamos National Laboratory with the grade: "More than adequate, 'may be too strong'"..

Results of six tests totaling more than 1000 miles:

  (65mph Entire Route W/Cruise Control Activated)
 Fuel MPG gain under light and variable winds : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + 1.44 MPG

  (Posted Route Speed limits Observed Entire Route w/ Cruise Control Activated)
 Fuel MPG gain under unrelenting heavy and direct headwinds of 18mph gusting to 28 mph: ----------------------------- + 3.31 MPG

 Fuel MPG gain averaged to reflect the highly varied conditions which operators routinely encounter: ---------------- + 2.375 MPG

 Tests were carried out by the independent long-haul trucking company: Mountain Range Supply LLC of Costilla, NM

 Tractor operated by: Mr. Brian Torres

 Tractor used for all tests: 1996 Peterbilt 379 with 550HP Cat Power, 18 speed transmission, and NO aerodynamic    
 modifications. (Pure flat-top sleeper)

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First come / first served.

We will be offering in-house financing at APR rates far below any bank can offer.


We Are Ready To Do Business!!!

We are offering a special deal for a launch customer who orders a minimum of 1000 units - This is your opportunity to outfit your fleet at substantial savings...



WHEN? Has a singular "product" EVER made you an exceptional rate of return??? : Aero-Maxx'D!!!



- ALSO -

We are preparing for our future IPO.

GDR LLC has more than 14 "Green-Centric" & Space Vehicle products in addition to Aero-Maxx'D which all will be
spring-boarded by this first offering.
Date TBD

This product is supported by the following entities:
The New Mexico Small Business Development Center, U of NM, Taos Branch
The New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership
The New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program
The Los Alamos National Laboratory
Questa N.M. Economic Development
Questa N.M. Mayor, Honorable Mark Gallegos