Zeous Power is the result of intensive research and design of the Turbinique Wind Engine. This wind powered engine is like NO-OTHER power generation machine ever conceived world-wide. Because this machine is so unique there was not a single solitary off-the-shelf electric power generator available that would be compatable. Due to this need to progress the Turbinique into fruition www.globaldataresearch.org's Chief Scientist embarked on a master plan to design and develop all ancillary's in-house.
www.globaldataresearch.org proudly presents to you the world-class leading Permanent Magnet Power Modules - Zeous Power

The Chief Scientist

Mr. Jonathan R. Walters USN / USCG Veteran

Mr. Walters is the founder of www.globaldataresearch.org and all of the products both ready to sell / pending. In addition he is the Chief Scientist / Designer.

Jonathan has enjoyed many, many years in the civilian / U.S. Military aerospace / space / hydrodynamic / electrical / mechanical industries. Over the course of several decades Jonathan has had the opportunity to touch and see some of the most sophisticated equipment mankind has to offer.

Inaddition to his prolific military accomplishments Jonathan is an avid aviator, aircraft technician, and certified F.A.A. Airworthiness Inspector.

Jonathan parlayed these accomplishments into a quality control stint with SpaceX working on the cutting edge technology space vehicles and their propulsion systems at Cape Canaveral Florida.

All of these direct hands-on experiences are now being translated into products which directly benefit the human experience.

Jonathan is not afraid to get down and dirty and all of his products to date are not only his designs from concept to reality but, he fabricated all of the prototypes himself....by hand.

You are in very good hands.