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Zeous Power is the result of intensive research on the part of www.globaldataresearch.org's Chief Scientist. The power modules supplied by Zeous Power have been purpose designed to provide exceptional power generation with as minimal input as possible to achieve incredible efficiencies.

The Zeous Power Module has been successfully implemented into the Turbinique Wind Engine V9 as seen below. This pure electricity producing machine has proven to be unparelleled with efficiency. This machine when combined with solar will produce in combination unfettered access to power to any user. We now have the designs to provide from 40 Amps to 5000 Amps of electric power service and it is entirely North American sourced materials and components which means unrivaled quality is attached. The fans are available from 6 feet in diameter to 16 feet in diameter.

This machine has the capability of powering entire off-grid communities single-handidly and at a price point which ensures return on investment in a very short time frame.

The success of the Zeous Power Module as tested under austere conditions in the Turbinique Wind Engine allow for its pending placement in a variety of other machines and applications which will bring about a more sustainable atmosphere planet-wide.

Brought to you by Global Data Research

Pricing Begins at $7999.00


We Will Custom Build Your Desire

Take Control of Your Power Production!

Here at Zeous Power we are committed to provide you with your needs.

We can design-out of virtually any metals and fiber-reinforced thermo plastics.

We can make our machines road or even person-portable.

The sky is the limit - tell us what you need.

Nothing is off the table!

We are able to scale this design from a back-pack sized unit to road-going transportable units and everything in between.

Are you a disaster prepper?

Tell us what you need and we will custom design a unit to meet your needs. Our design is rooted in "Solid State" architecture and as such there are zero computers or technical conduits attached. This means simplicity in design, simplicity of operation, and survivability in the most austere environments to include EMP blasts.

Do you work for a disaster service?

Tell us what you need and we will design a custom unit which is transportable from location to location with fast erection and turn-on times to provide a secondary or even primary source of power when fossil fueled generators would be too dangerous or expensive to operate.
Are you an educator / scientist / researcher and need a power source while in the deep wilderness / desert?

Tell us what you need and we will custom design a unit for your needs.

Are you a Military Commander?

Tell us your needs and we will provide the support!

Solar Panels Do Not Work At Night
Here is an example of why I have unfettered access to power...
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